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Rewilding is a fresh approach to conservation, whereby wildlife, habitats and communities can thrive together in coexistence. It’s about laying down the foundations of life, repairing damaged ecosystems and letting nature take care of itself. Through rewilding, wildlife’s natural rhythms create wilder, more biodiverse habitats which have both environmental and socio-economic benefits for all.

Rewilding Staffordshire

Staffordshire is undoubtedly a beautiful county, but today it is ecologically depleted compared to even just a few decades ago. Devoid of the rich biodiverse landscape and wildlife native to the area, which given the chance, could once again flourish.

Rewilding is an opportunity to help nature heal after centuries of impoverishment. It’s an opportunity for Staffordshire to transform its vast countryside and landscapes and in doing so, securing our own future. A wilder Staffordshire is not a people-less Staffordshire, it is a place where nature and people thrive together, a place where ecosystems are flourishing again in all their complexity, a place where native wildlife can return to a safe haven and a place where socio-economic opportunities present more jobs and income.

Scientific evidence shows that the next 30 years will be critical for nature. It’s in this short window in time that we need to make crucial decisions. We can give nature a helping hand by creating the the foundations to rewild our landscapes, to allow natural forest regeneration, to recover it’s broken bio-diversity, to have wilder towns and cities, to embrace the reintroduction of native wildlife such as red squirrel, pine marten, and beavers. Or we can choose a county void of living ecosystems and continue contributing to the 6th Mass extinction!

A county flourishing with native species

Staffordshire’s native wildlife species have strongly declined over the past 40 years. Some of them have even disappeared from our landscapes completely.

Rewilding works to restore lost species by laying down the foundations, enhancing and protecting their breeding habitats, giving them space to thrive, by working to increase populations, and by reintroducing key native species.

The reintroduction of native wildlife such as red squirrel, pine marten, and beavers is vital to a balanced and healthy ecosystem. These keystone species, and the potential to see the return of other native species, including top predators and large herbivores, drive ecological processes.

Rewilding will accelerate their recovery and restore important food chains and trophic cascades, whilst enhancing bio-diversity.

We lead projects to save red squirrels and reintroductions of pine marten to Staffordshire.

Thriving communities & socio-economics

Rewilding links ecology and conservation with modern economies, where a wilder Staffordshire acts as vital platform in solving modern socio-economic issues. Rewilding boosts local economies, a wilder Staffordshire means nature-based enterprises can flourish whereby new opportunities and jobs will be created.

Experiencing the thrill of wild nature reconnects people with our living planet improving health and wellbeing and builds a shared sense of humanity and pride.

Rewilding can save our communities and local businesses millions in expenditure. Nature is fully capable of taking care of itself. Instead of people actively managing landscapes and wildlife, that often requires high and on-going costs, Self-regulating landscapes are more sustainable in the long term. Naturally functioning ecosystems provide us with clean air and water, natural flood defences, storing carbon and helping us to adapt to climate change.

See how rewilding is helping communities & economies

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